Conceptual Self Portrait

AP: 1.7 ISO: 32 S: 1/3401

The word conceptual has something to do with imagery, for example I can show you a picture and form a story around it. Skating has really changed my life surprisingly.  Skating has brought me out of my comfort zone, I’ve been skating for almost a year and I’ve met so many new people. I like the feeling of completing a new trick. I didn’t really have a problem talking to people but I would never approach anyone because I wasn’t comfortable doing it. Although I’m definitely not the best I still try to get better. I like to skate with friends mostly because it makes me more comfortable and also they could help me get better. There were times where I was discouraged because I was just not improving, and also when quarantine started I did not skate for a few months. Something I would like to do is become a professional skateboarder or even a skateboarder youtuber, I would love to do either of those. I don’t want to end up having a job I don’t like at all, I want to do something that I enjoy and it’s hard to think about doing something I don’t enjoy for the rest of my life so I use that as motivation to keep trying to improve. I see some good skaters to what is to me, amazing and that also motivates me. One thing I wish I did was skate when I was even younger, I wish I was introduced to skating at a earlier age because I would of been pretty good by now and when I was  younger I was extremely shy so it would of helped me get out of my comfort zone. I chose specifically skateboarding because nothing has really impacted my life like getting into skating has, I have no idea what I would be doing without it, probably nothing like sitting in my room playing games 24/7. Before skating all I would do is sit around doing nothing and I wasn’t very productive or happy. Overall I’m happy now that I have something to look up to.

This is my favorite Cindy Sherman piece, it’s very appealing to me. It’s interesting to look at because she is wearing clown makeup with just a casual dress shirt. I really like the colors she choose for this photo the pink hair and pink shirt really brings out the colors in the makeup. I’m happy that she found something that no one else was doing and that lead to her fame. I hope one day I can do something else that no one else has done.


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