Depth of Field Explained

The depth of field refers to how much of the picture they choose to have in focus. Sometimes you want to have attention on a certain object and to do that you would reduce the depth of field in a scene to make the background blurry. You would use your aperture setting to change depth … [Read more…]

What every beginner need to know.

Setting the exposure using the histogram The best way to tell if your exposure is correct is by consulting the histogram. RAW Shooting in RAW format will give you access to the full capabilities of your camera. In other words, RAW format is a good format Selecting Focusing points manually Learning to change the AF … [Read more…]

Camera Simulator

I set my aperture to 2.8, which created a narrow depth of field and the toy airplane was only in focus. With a faster shutter speed, I am able to capture a still picture of the fan on the airplane that was moving very quick, if I had it lower it would appear invisible. Having … [Read more…]

What I learned about exposure

Exposure is how bright or dark a photo is. The exposure triangle consists of the aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Being able to use all 3 perfectly can lead to great photos. All 3 components work together. The aperture controls how much light enters through a whole in the camera lens. The shutter speed controls … [Read more…]

Hello world!

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